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Camera Check by an Expert

I went to London yesterday to experience a new body of work called Gaddafi Archives at the London Photography Festival. The show was hard hitting, with a video piece showing a trial and hanging, but I am not here to review the show.

I also got to speak to an expert on cameras, Michael Pritchard, who works for The Royal Photographic Society. Not only did I discover that the Leica could potentially be an earlier piece than I thought but I also got to discuss relevant people who I could trust to fix any minor problems with the aesthetics, the worth of it (which is irrelevant as the history is worth more than money) and we discussed the project idea itself.

Mr Pritchard seemed very interested in my project and felt that publishers would also be interested in the story.

This is a big deal for me, its hard to get started in this area, I have been emailing magazines (history not vogue or OK magazine) but you get little to no response unless you have a private email to the actual person you need to speak to.

So thanks to the London Photography Festival and Mr Pritchard, I am one step closer to making this an unforgettable project.