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Daily update from Ukraine 13/11/12

Today I was a little lazy.

I repacked my bag, which took me so long due to the over buying of vodka and gifts of walnuts. I think this may even send me over my baggage allowance but I will not find out until I get to the airport.

I also met with Sasha one last time and he gave me copies of his family documents, which show how the Soviets imprisoned his grandfather and the found him not guilty after he had already died. I also got a copy of another families documents of a similar nature.

I have booked my last transport home too, so I know I will finally get to see my wonderful family at 20.00 on Friday.

This will be my last post for this trip. Tomorrow I will fly at 19.00, stay in Latvia for 12 hours and fly into Schiphol on the 15th. Followed by a near 12 hour coach ride the next day to London, bring on Friday night.

Thanks for following my trip.