Archive | March 2013

It’s All About the Book Now

The trip is over, the film had been developed and the images are in.

The time to collect my archive has ended and now I am left with the mammoth task of creating a book before 10th May!

Shortly I will be posting a few ideas and images for the book, it would be great to get feedback on this if you are interested in the subject of the Holodomor, propaganda, fine art, photography or Russian history. Even if your not but feel you have something to share please feel free.

Snow Day

Went on a 12 miles walk in the snow today (with a chest infection) I was a bit slow but did go to 3 different cemeteries.

Also experienced a post office today.

On my last visit to Ukraine I met a wonderful family who had experienced some bad luck some may call it and I promised the children I would send them some gifts and so today was the day of posting. Unfortunately, the address was not in Russian or Ukrainian and the lady at the desk did not speak English, so I did not understand when she was trying to explain to me that the address needed to be in Russian and have a contact number but thanks to a English speaking Ukrainian I managed to post the presents for the children. I do not go a day without experiencing the helpfulness or kindness of a Ukrainian.