Archive | February 2013

A day with the dead

Spent my afternoon walking around a cemetery in kharkov. However, my time has not been overly productive due to illness but this change in pace allowed me to experience the surroundings and it really opened my eyes to the love Ukrainians hold and express. They have a wonderful way to show this love for the people who have passed through the headstone engravings and sculptures.

Take Two

Second trip to Ukraine but this time kharkov via Turkey.

Word of warning if you are British and are going through Turkey for a transfer, you will need a visa to go for a fag and it will cost you £10.

Kharkov airport currency exchange will also not change British money, although everyone else will but this does not help if you are stuck at the airport.

Got caught by the police drinking and he wanted to take me away until he noticed I was British or maybe he was just in a good mood. This is unheard of in ukraine, they will take money off you even if you have not broken the law so I am extremely lucky to have this experience.