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Daily update from Ukraine 7/11/12

Went to the museum of WWII today, it was very Russian…..

I will be off to Chernobyl Museum tomorrow, getting myself ready for the real thing on Monday.

On a random note: Saw some boys trying to break into a car yesterday, middle of the day and no-one gave a shit!!!! I wanted to take photos of them but was worried I would have my head kicked in. Where are the police when you need them.


Daily update from Ukraine 6/11/12


This morning I had some free time, so off to the Art Kyiv Contemporary VII Gallery I went. It was more than I was expecting and cheaper than I was expecting with a nice 60% student discount. This whole trip took 5 hours, so not much time to do more in the day but I met with Sasha at 20.00 and he drove me around the Kyiv sights.

This place is beautiful at night and now I have a nice long list of recommendations of places to visit tomorrow. I am very greatful for Sasha’s kindness, especially as he had a very long day at work.

Daily Update From Ukraine 5/11/12

Had a quiet day today. Sasha had to work, so I went for a 6 hour walk around Kyiv and now I need to sleep it off.

Just to let you know fags (ciggies for any Americans reading this)  here are cheap….30p-1.20 no joke my friends. Even Jamaica charge a pound minimum but here you can get drunk and smoke for less than a can of coke.

I would move here if I wasnt such a mouthy person. Here if you are accused of a crime you could spend up to 4 years in prison before you even see the inside of a court room and if you are found innocent, you are free to go without an apology. Ahhhhhh So do not piss anyone off here.

Daily Update From Ukraine 4/11/12

Today I met with Sasha. We met at Arsenal’na station and walked through Glory Square, which holds memorial statues for Holodomor plus the deaths from the great patriotic war and then we moved on to the Holodomor Memorial Museum itself. Here we spoke to the ladies who run the exhibit and I got more contacts. One a lady who has done scientific work into Holodomor and the curator (maybe) and she asked if I will send my book, when it is complete, so they can possibly exhibit it with the other works. This is very exciting because my work will lay along side my great grandfather’s.

Next, we moved on to Lavra Pecher’ka, seeing the mummified religious figures, the oldest church in Ukraine and gathered a lot of historical information about the area.

And then we went to Sasha’s house to meet his wife and children. On the way we went through the markets (real Ukrainian food = no chemicals) and when we arrived I was invited to eat some wonderful local food. I am so greatful for their hospitality and kindness the whole family showed me.


I wonder if tomorrow can top today???


Daily update from Ukraine 3/11/12

Had an insane day today. I met up with a guide called Sasha (Alex) his family suffered during Holodomor and he is willing to share the family story with me.

First he explained how he had contacted other people he knows, who want to also share their story and told me that I could meet and stay with them Tuesday-Wednesday. Sasha also took me to a mass burial sight where thousands of Jews, Ukrainians and Polish were buried. Followed by a memorial sight where up to 120,000 Jews were slaughtered in 3 days. He truly brought the story alive.

So I will be meeting Sasha again tomorrow. The day will consist of a visit to the Holodomor memorial and who knows what else.

Having a guide like Sasha really changed how I view these places, you understand 100% of the story, instead of just looking up at statues and believing you understand because you have read something in a holiday guide.