They say bad things come in 3’s

When my Ukrainian taxi driver showed up ten minutes late he asked when my flight was. As he had a little over 30 mins to do a 40min journey and was faced with bad traffic he floored it. In Ukraine, drivers are crazy anyway, which I think is odd as the driver will always been the one prosecuted if an accident happens even if he is not at fault.

So my taxi driver must have changed lanes a million times and then even drove through a petrol station to avoid a red light. I’m still alive and didn’t miss my flight so well done to him.

I then had to fly on a Fokker. Anyone who has journeyed on this plane knows how scary that is, it sounded like a 30year old motor that hadn’t been serviced in years. My mind went to dark places.

And finally I had one more flight to Amsterdam but when we arrived we were not cleared to land and the pilot decided to tell us that we could not land but we were running out of fuel ….. WHAT, WHY DID YOU TELL US THAT.

So Ukraine = safe
Transport = risk your life

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Ukraine 1933 & 2013

2 responses to “They say bad things come in 3’s”

    • samarajadephotography says :

      you mean the pilot? yeah he wasnt as dramatic about it as I wrote. That was just more my perception on what I heard.
      He said we would be diverted to Rotterdam, so I imagine he had enough fuel for that but that is not what he said.

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