Daily update from Ukraine 11/11/12

Had another productive day today. I went back to visit Sashas grandmother as she was happy for me to take a photograph of her and I am so glad she changed her mind, you will see why when you see the photograph. Beautiful woman. I was also given an extensive amount of walnuts and when I say extensive I mean like 2kg or maybe 3kg.

After this visit I went to interview the mayor of the town. He is working really hard to change the place for the better and aiming most of his efforts at changing the place for the children. I must add here that this is an unusual situation, most political figures are only out for themselves but this man is different.

He has opened a gym, so the children can take part in boxing, wrestling and football. He is also fighting to re-open the swimming pool that the last mayor turned into a shop (this made him more money) and he is not corrupt and again I must not this is unusual. I am hoping to spread the word of this mans work and if anyone is interested in knowing more then feel free to ask.

I was then fed even more delicious food by Sasha’s mother before we headed back to Kyiv.

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Ukraine 1933 & 2013

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