Daily update from Ukraine 9/11/12

Today I made it the the Chernobyl Memorial Museum. It is small but very informative and it worth a visit by anyone who comes to Kyiv.

In England we know a lot about this part of Ukraine’s history because it affected us and personally I am interested in this area for a few reasons:

One: It happened a few weeks before I was born, so it is living history.

Two: It is the biggest disaster of its kind.

Three: It is connected to the Urbex movement, which I have been apart of for many years.

Each time I read about this, the shock is always the same and I was not even connected to the devastation. I can not even imagine the heartache felt by the people of Chernobyl and surrounding villages but I am proud to see that it is talked about and not hidden away like a dirty secret. We can but learn from our inevitable mistakes.


I will not be updating my blog tomorrow as I will be in a rural village but I will return to the city late Sunday night and if I am not to exhausted I will write up a two day blog.

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Ukraine 1933 & 2013

4 responses to “Daily update from Ukraine 9/11/12”

  1. redheadukrainian says :

    You work is beautiful.

  2. redheadukrainian says :

    My cousin was pregnant during Chernobyl disaster. The lived about 50 miles from Kiev. Her family packed her things and sent her to South Ukraine to our city so her and the baby would be safe. It was horrible. I was only 10 years old then, but now I can’t imagine being through something like this. Thank for posting this!

    • samarajadephotography says :

      I am glad to hear that your family was safe but it is a shame they had to experience that fear.

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