Daily Update From Ukraine 5/11/12

Had a quiet day today. Sasha had to work, so I went for a 6 hour walk around Kyiv and now I need to sleep it off.

Just to let you know fags (ciggies for any Americans reading this)  here are cheap….30p-1.20 no joke my friends. Even Jamaica charge a pound minimum but here you can get drunk and smoke for less than a can of coke.

I would move here if I wasnt such a mouthy person. Here if you are accused of a crime you could spend up to 4 years in prison before you even see the inside of a court room and if you are found innocent, you are free to go without an apology. Ahhhhhh So do not piss anyone off here.

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Ukraine 1933 & 2013

2 responses to “Daily Update From Ukraine 5/11/12”

  1. Samara's uncle Jerome says :

    You should have told me you had a blog about this trip! I shall be following it every day. Good luck!

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